St Margaret’s has a fine set of eight bells hung in a tower that was built in around 1470 and stands 100ft high. We have a dedicated team of ringers led by Sven Wraight who took over in 2017 from his father Tim who had been our Tower Captain for many years. The peal consists of eight bells of varying ages, six of which are very old, and the remaining two being quite ‘new boys’. The treble bells, Nos. 1 and 2, were made to commemorate the Coronation of King George V, and were added in 1913; they weigh 4 ¾ and 5 ½ cwts respectively.

In 1913 the original six bells were rehung in a new steel frame and the two new bells added to create the current ring of eight. On 29th October 1913, the first peal on the 8 bells was rung and on the same day in 2013 a peal was rung to celebrate the 100th Anniversary.

No. 3 bell has a Charles II inscription reading: “Christopher Hodson made me 1685, John Taylor, Thos.Osbourne, donors,’ and weighs 9 cwt. No. 4 informs all and sundry that ‘Robert’s Mot made me 1601′, and weighs 12 cwt. No. 5 was a repeat order for Robert, as ‘Robert’s Mot me Fecit, 1618′ and weighs 18 cwt. No. 6 weighing 14 cwt informs us that ‘Joseph Hatch me Fecit, 1618′.No. 7 the youngest of the old brigade, tells us that he was made in 1773, the inscription reading: ‘Win. Tuck and Luke Miles, Church Wardens Pack and Chapman of London fecit 1773′ and his weight is 18 cwt.No.8 is the oldest of the bells, and his message has sounded over the surrounding countryside for nearly 400 years, as it is recorded that ‘Robert Mot made me 1582.’ It is 49 inches in diameter, 3 ¼ inches thick, and weighs 24 ¾ cwts.

The sound of St. Margaret’s Bells


Our team of Bellringer’s.

If you would like to join our team of ringers or would like to know more about bell ringing please contact our Parish office.

On St Margaret’s day the 20th July 2013 the  bells  in our Church tower achieved the 100th Anniversary of their Dedication, following their augmentation from 6 to 8 bells.

In 1913 Two new trebles (the lightest) were added. being cast by John Taylor of Loughborough, and hung on a new iron frame replacing the old wooden frame.
along with all new fittings. All this work was carried out thanks to the generous subscriptions of the Parishioners of Rainham, and on the 29th October of that year the first peal was rung on the eight bells.

To commemorate this occasion 100 years later, a peal was rung at St. Margaret’s Rainham on Tuesday 29th October 2013 taking some 3 hours to complete.

The same Method, Grandsire Triples, and Composition, Holt’s 10 part, was rung as in the original peal.

Our bells are rung every Sunday and on many special occasions.  The latest being on 10th June 2017 to mark the 350th anniversary of the battle of Medway during the second Anglo-Dutch War.

This was the 150th peal on Rainham Bells!


Remembrance Sunday 2018 is the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistice at the end of the first world war.

Some 1400 bell ringers lost their lives whilst serving their country during the great war, Ringing Remembers is aimed a recruiting this number of new bell ringers. At the latest count over 1800 people have volunteered.

Here at Rainham at least one new ringer has volunteered.

Eight Bell ringers from Rainham served their country during the 1st World War, thankfully, all returned safely.

It is the intention that all churches throughout the country will ring their bells at 12:30pm on Armistice Day. St. Margaret’s bells will be joining in.



2 thoughts on “The Bellringers

  1. Very interesting article on St Margaret’s and her bells. John Taylor and Thom. Osborne (donors 1685 relatives of my Taylor family).My 6th times Grt.Grandfather Charles Taylor possibly buried at St Margarets,13.08.1755,lived Rainham. Grateful for “any” information. Congratulations on your site, really nice to find details about Rainham.. Jill Charman(nee Taylor)

  2. What an interesting article. I really had no idea how old the bells of St Margerts are. I love the bells and remember when I was very young, listening to them and loving the sound, with many other people over the century’s doing the same, just stopping and listening. Thank you the bell ringers of St Margarers for the beautiful sound we all listen to every Sunday, Wednesday and all the special occasions good and sad.

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