A look at life


It was a pleasure to meet Rainham Mark Grammar School pupils Alice, Lauren, Milly, Emily, Hannah and Lewis who came into Church to talk with Barbara, Ellen, Ron and Tony as part of their year 10 Enterprise Project for their Religious Studies GCSE course. They had to look at life and talk to older people and find out what life was like in their childhood and their experiences and advice.


We talked about our experiences, and what life was like in our childhood. Our time at school and how it differed from their own school, how we spent our childhood , what we did in our leisure time, our hobbies what our home life was like, where we went on holiday, the kind of food and drink we had, and the entertainment we enjoyed.


The following day each of us was presented with a scrapbook made by the young people as part of the project and detailing in pictures much of what we had discussed, a wonderful and unexpected gesture.
We wish all six of these young people success in their examinations and in their future careers.

3 thoughts on “A look at life

    1. Thanks for making us so welcome and for taking the time to talk to us. We had a most enjoyable and thought-provoking couple of days.

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