Choral Concert

Our International Choral Concert on Tuesday was a fantastic evening as we were treated to a wonderful evening of song by the Tiels Male Voice Choir, the Rochester Choral Society Chamber Choir and the Choirs of St. Augustine’s Gillingham and St. Margaret’s Rainham, who kept us entertained with a programme of great variety.
The Tiels Male Choir members come mainly from the South Veluwe and the Rivers Region in Central Holland They are a secular group with a strong social culture. They were founded in 1992 and are well known for their repertoire and quality and are often invited by other choirs and orchestras to perform together.
Rochester Choral Society Chamber Choir was formed in 1924 from members of the main choral society and in addition to singing with the RCS they enjoy performing different styles of music and have a growing repertoire of both sacred and non-religious pieces.
It was a pleasure to welcome both choirs to St. Margaret’s along with the choir of St Augustine’s Gillingham, as together with our own choir they gave us a wonderful evening of music.
Thanks to Peter for arranging the concert and to the Friends of St Margaret’s for the refreshments after the concert.

You can see pictures from the concert here

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